41 Artsy Glass Decorations.

Besides of wood, there is a material for decoration that common to be found, that is the glass. The glass decoration is very varied and easily found in the market. Moreover, the glass decoration is presented with many colors and design, that makes them very nice as the home ornaments.

In this first decoration, this glass object is actually a semi-bowl plate. It is because it has curvy shape. This glass decoration is multifunction. Besides for the decoration, this artsy glass can be used as the plate for special occasions like a party.

In the next, we have a glass decoration that has volume shape. This decoration has an abstract design with the domination of green, orange, and red. This glass decoration can be placed in a place like the living room or bedroom.

If we are not mistaken, the decoration number three tells about the sea and its objects. The spiraling blue object is the seashell, and the green object in its right and left is the kelp. While the ocean water is described through the blue lines at the upper part.

The next, there is a plaited glass decoration. This glass decoration is really colorful, moreover, its shape is very unique. This decoration looks very stunning because of its size and colors.

The next, there is an owl decoration. If owl decoration is usually presented fiercely, not for this owl decoration. This owl decoration is very colorful and cute. This stunning decoration can be placed in living room or bedroom.

The next, there is also a glass decoration with plate shape. However, this decoration cannot be functioned as the shape because the design will be unseen. This glass is designed with the painted illustration, so beautiful.

The next is the glass decoration in the shape of floras. This decoration is a kind of wall decoration. This decoration consists of many interesting shape and colors. It decorates the wall very nicely.

In this picture, we are presented with the glass sheets decoration. This is also a kind of painted decoration. This decoration can be put on a cabinet to beautify the living room.

The next, we have a symmetrical glass decoration. this glass decoration is quite small and it is a nice ornament of a cabinet or a shelf.

The last is the Koran table that made from the glass. This is not really of a type of decorations actually. But it is able to decorate the house because it has a quite large size and beautiful colors.

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The glass decorations as we saw from the examples above are presented in many unique decorations. The treatment for the glass decoration itself is quite easy. You just need to clean the dirt that attaches on it using the soft cloth. Beware of the cloth with the hard surface, it will create a scratch on the surface of the glass. Moreover, you need to clean it periodically.  

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