34 Wall painting Ideas for Living Room

Painting is the decoration that very suitable for accentuating the theme or nuance of a living room. Whether it is realistic, surrealist, or contemporary, anything can help the living room to be more beautiful. Let’s see several inspirations here.

This living room is decorated very simply. White fills almost the whole of this living room. The white nuance of this living room creates a moody atmosphere. Hence, the theme of the painting here also accentuates the moodiness.

This house is decorated very modernly. There is sandy color in the whole house. This area itself is very interesting. The living room is very close to the kitchen. The one that has a very exclusive design here is the kitchen table. It is so wide and made from marble.

The living room itself looks gigantic since the ceiling is very high. The rooms placement of this house is attractive. The kitchen and dining room are less obvious than the living room. On the wall, there are craved decorations that are similar, ornamenting here and there.

Although this living room is decorated very simply, in the living room there is an accent wall. The wallpaper in black is very elegant. It has a beautiful pattern that beautifies the room. On another side, there is a wall painting with image of a figure.

Navy blue unexpectedly creates a nice look for the classic interior. The color of the wall is very matte, its surface looks very beautiful. The painting above the mantelpiece beautifies the wall. The composition of navy wall and the painting makes this room looks artsy.

Overall, this living room consists of eclectic elements. Basically, the room is designed very modernly. Yet, the furniture has different styles. On the couch side moreover, there are cushions with a floral theme. These cushions are in line with the theme of the wall paintings.

The first impression from this living room is, it is very youthful.  On the wall, the mirrors have distinctive and unique shapes. There is also a decoration like a tree branch in white that is ornamented with light bulbs. The color composition on the couch is also eye-pleasing.

The decoration of this living room is very trendy. Actually, the basic décor of this living room is Scandinavian, yet the orange couch breaks it and makes the living room looks more cheerful. While the paintings are harmonious with the color of the wall.

There are many artsy things in this living room. If you look carefully, many types of furniture here is created in artistic shape. The cream wall looks stunning with the purple stripe in the middle. The framed paintings are placed in the purple part which makes them look more stunning.

This living room has a very calming impression. No doubt that is because of the sandy color nuance. The soft colors and black here are eye-pleasing. The contemporary paintings on the wall have harmonious colors with the interior.

Image Source : www.pinterest.com

Wall painting is an ornament that makes the room looks livelier. It creates a strong impact for the whole look of the room.

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34 Wall painting Ideas for Living Room
Article Name
34 Wall painting Ideas for Living Room
Wall painting is an ornament that makes the room looks livelier. It creates a strong impact for the whole look of the room.

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