34 Accent Chair Inspirations for Living Room

Accent chair is very commonly found in the boho or cheerful living room style. Yet, actually many living rooms are presented with different chairs. This kind of decoration is very popular not only for adding the seating but also for avoiding the boring appearance of a living room.

This living room is decorated with an eclectic style. The collage artwork on the wall is a signature for this living room. Because of this single artwork, this living room appears artistically. We should notice also that there are more than a type of couch and chairs here.

It is very common for a living room has more than a single couch type. Like this one, the chairs on the other side have a different style. Hence, although a different style of furniture is used, as long as the color is harmonious, it will be good.

For this living room, the size of the couch is quite minimalist since the room is small enough. For an additional chair, there is a grey chair beside the couch. A single chair is often used for the additional seating instead of adding more couch.

The two couch, the brown and the flowery are both come from a different set. The flower cushions that placed on the brown couch are the strategies for uniting the born and flowery couch. So, they appear more harmonious.

Since this living room intends to the vintage theme, the classic leather couch and the retro chair are still matched for each other. The things that have beautiful vintage nuance are the cabinet and the window. This kind of window is identical for the houses in the old times.

We recommend leather sofa for the living room. It is prominent not only for the design but also for the material that is very comfortable especially for the skin. In this living room, the leather sofa breaks the matte surface that is shown by the interior.

The table and the sofa here have different styles. The table is more stylish with the bumpy surface and the white material which is combined with the wooden skinny feet. Their colors follow the interior nuance that full of white and grey.

Different chairs for a single living room are very popular these days. This kind of design is the new definition of modern decoration. The youth prefer the decoration that is more creative and eclectic for their home. And this kind of style is shown by this living room.

For the shape itself, this living room is distinctive. The furniture arrangement itself follows the shape of the room, so they look beautifully scattered. The furniture, especially chairs come with different colors and style. Making this living room looks a bit colorful.

Overall this living room leads on the natural aspect. It is presented from the design of the furniture and decorations. The chairs themselves, although have a different style from the couch, they look harmonious with the wooden nuance.

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Different chairs in a single living room can create a more colorful appearance. Furthermore, the eclectic style of a room is very popular today.

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34 Accent Chair Inspirations for Living Room
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34 Accent Chair Inspirations for Living Room
Different chairs in a single living room can create a more colorful appearance. Furthermore, the eclectic style of a room is very popular today.

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