30 Bookshelf Decorations for Small Homes

For the bookworms, it is needed the extra place for their collections. Fortunately to create the library in our home is not hard. As long as we provide space on the wall, we don’t need extra space on the floor. Even, some of us creating a reading space in the ceiling. That’s why it is very interesting for us to provide you with several attractive designs of the home library.

The living room in this house is very attractive because it provides the mini library in the same area. Not only that, the kind of sofa is very cozy for the owner to relax while reading books. In addition, the area in the ceiling also makes this house is very unique.

If the book collections in your home are like a flood, instead of benefitting the wall as the decorations, better to use it as the wall library. Like you see the home in this picture has the unique wall library along the corridor.

Even though your house is not wide enough for the shelves, don’t be low, because you are still able to utilize the wall. One side of this living room is also utilized as the mini library.

Besides of utilized as the book storage, the shelves here is also utilized as the decoration shelves. Interestingly, this house has the double living room in which each of them is separated from the mini stairs.

Creating a mini library in your house is not enough without the sofa or chairs. Therefore, this living room provides two additional chairs near the bookshelf. The window near it also makes the reading corner is brighter and more cheerful.

This home also builds a creative bookshelf. This home benefits the root partition as the shelf in the under part. Meanwhile, its mantelpiece is utilized as the place for the decorations. Besides of used as the bookshelf, this shelf is also used as the decoration shelf.

This home gives such an amazing idea by benefitting the corridor as the place for the bookshelves. Indeed, actually, we need an only a small portion of the corridor’s wide. Therefore, instead of wasting it for nothing, we can use it as the shelves.

This home is such a radical book collector. It uses all sides of the wall for the bookshelves or cupboard. Moreover, it is also a good idea for using the shelves that are completed with the glass to avoid the dirt.

Since the area of the wall usually is big enough, it can be utilized as the place for any decorations including for keeping the book. Actually the shelf in this room is just usual decoration shelf, however, it is also very possible for the books.

The bookshelf in the living room is actually a nice decoration. Moreover, the kind of decorations in your home can tell who you are actually.

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How was it? The bookshelf or mini library in the home is a nice decoration, too. Moreover, you can utilize the ceiling area as the reading corner.

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