33 Low Budget Garage Man Cave Ideas

Everybody needs an escape island, isn’t it? Yes, whether it’s male or female, young or old, we need a place of our own? It’s not about the bedroom, but another place where we can re-calm ourselves. But, sorry for ladies, but we are going to talk about the man cave. The escape corner for men only.

Talking about a man cave, not all of the men own big budget to create one. Then, you need to spend a little space in your own home. Sounds okay? As long as it doesn’t bother your family then it’s okay. So, we recommend you about the small budget garage man cave.

You need to use a bit your creativity and of course energy to do some DIY man cave ideas. You can try to make your own bar from the neglected woods. Or just browse and you’ll find some ideas of a shelf for bottles and glasses. If you try one, you’ll find other ideas like a wooden clock or even beverages tap.

Don’t forget to make your own brand. In front of your man cave, you can hang a sign like “Dad’s Man Cave” or something. It just needs some unused woods and white paint. And what about the design? The rustic concept man cave is so popular. Its material is also easy to get, though. Since you already make the bar and sign from wood, just make your cave full of woods.

Then, add some nice things like antler, decorations, and some chairs. About the rustic style itself, maybe you can go around the thrift shop and seeking some old furniture with low price. Or, if you have neglected furniture, you can give one and to touch and renew them. Having your DIY man cave will make you more satisfied.

And about the decorations, it’s time to explore the thrown things. We sure that you have out of order things like radio or other electronics. Just segment them and you can have your man cave decoration, without purchasing! The old painting containers can be polished as the snack containers, or you can make the wheels like the new chairs. Your small man cave can be ready with simple steps.

And your man cave will be incomplete without the man cave bar. Then, how about only three until four chairs in your man cave, for more private nuance? And yes, of course, don’t forget about the beverages shelves. You need to arrange it as interesting as possible. Maybe the bottles inside the old pallets are a nice idea of arrangement.

One more thing, this thing is a must for a man cave. A television. You won’t leave your friends with the empty topic, right? Okay, those things are some tips about building your own small and low budget man cave bar.

For the style, the rustic one is the most popular, but the decorations, we leave it as your own style. You need to do some creative DIY things like we previously mentioned. So, your man cave will look more original.

Balz Noor

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